‘Revenge’: Tyler’s Killer Is Revealed

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For two agonizingly long weeks, America has wondered who killed Tyler (Ashton Holmes). This week’s episode of “Revenge” (“Scandal”) revealed exactly what happened. Yes, continuity purists, the shot of Daniel (Josh Bowman) falling to the ground, seemingly dead, from the pilot was explained. A series of flashbacks revealed that when Tyler found Daniel on the beach, he did not just point a gun at him. He dropped some truths about Emanda, showing Daniel the red Sharpied photo of justice that he stole from Emanda (Emily VanCamp), and accusing her of being a lying liar who lies. They struggled over the gun. It went off. Then Daniel went tumbling to the ground, knocked out by the person who delivered the two fatal shots that killed Tyler. Watch the clip above to see whodunnit.

Is your mind blown? It was Emanda’s Sensei (Hiroyuki Sanada), acting to protect her.  In the present, he tells her he “took care” of Amanda which, knowing this show, means she’s training to be a geisha in Tokyo. Unfortunately for Daniel, he looks guilty as sin. With his fingerprints on the gun, he is soon arrested for Tyler’s murder. Though he pretends he does not remember what happened, he has clear memories of everything Tyler told him about Emanda. When she catches him rooting through a box he found under the floorboards, she tries to convince him that Tyler was delusional. It seems doubtful that he bought it. The newly suspicious, cagey Daniel is fascinating. He’s also headed to Rikers, because the judge denies his bail. If he’s not in protective custody, an angry, impoverished inmate is going to finish what Tyler started.

Declan (Connor Paolo) finds Jack’s (Nick Weschler) dirty hoodie and realizes that his brother was the person he saw standing over Tyler’s body — though Jack thought he was moving Daniel’s body to protect Amily. He vows to do whatever it takes to protect his brother, even if it means destroying every hoodie on earth.

Ashley (Ashley Madekewe) makes her ex boyfriend’s murder work for her. On the advice of Daniel’s lawyer, played by Courtney B. Vance (!), she assigns herself the role of the Grayson family spokesperson, and becomes an instant media darling. Nolan (Gabriel Mann) discovers that she also sold photos of a bloody Daniel to the tabloids. Tyler is looking up on her, from hell, so proud of his prize student.

Quotes of the week:

“It’s a little late to put that genie back in the infinity box.” – Nolan to Emanda

“That guy went all Benihana  on my arm.” -Nolan on Tyler

“Everyone’s looking for a member of the 1 percent to smack down, and Daniel is tailor made to take that fall.” Courtney B. Vance, attorney at law,


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