The Dwight Spin-Off Of ‘The Office’ Is Really Happening, Says Show’s Boss

Rainn Wilson (NBC)

For all of you who are hoping for (or dreading) the prospect of a Rainn Wilson-centric spin-off of “The Office,” where Dwight runs Schrute Farms and B&B, to come true, an extensive interview “Office” showrunner Paul Lieberstein (who also plays HR wimp Toby) gave Vulture will make you happy (or dismayed) today.

Following up on Wilson mentioning that the idea was being batted around, Lieberstein gave Vulture some more concrete dates: if everything goes right, the concept will be introduced in an “Office” episode in the fall, with the idea that it’ll allow them to cast it outside of pilot season, which is going on as we write this.

“Basically we have a show about a family working together and a family business in the heartland,” said Lieberstein. “It’s kind of focused on some people who are not often represented on television. I think it’s really interesting, I’m super excited about it.”

One of the best parts of spending time at the ol’ beet farm, Mike Schur‘s mute character Mose, won’t be a major part of the spin-off, mainly because Schur is the showrunner of “Parks and Recreation.” That’s too bad, but maybe the new Schrute family members they create will be even weirder. One can hope…

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