‘Today’: Lindsay Lohan Enjoyed The Morgue, Hopes to Be At the Oscars in 5 Years

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This morning, the “Today” show aired the rest of Matt Lauer‘s interview with Lindsay Lohan, and in both segments, Lohan sounded like she’s ready to start the second phase of her career. Of course, she’s said things like this before, but in the talk with Lauer, she felt that at 25, it’s finally time for her to grow up and start working to get people — and more importantly, producers and studios — to believe in her again.

She praised the people she worked with during her community service job at the LA County morgue, and she feels that her hosting stint on “SNL” this week, as well as the movie she’s working on where she plays the “Cleopatra”-era Elizabeth Taylor will help get her back on track. When Lauer asked her what she’d be talking about if she returned to the show in another five years, Lohan was pretty optimistic, figuring she’ll be just coming back from going to the Oscars.

So either she thinks she’ll be nominated or she’ll be a presenter. Either way, it’s a signal to her that she’s back in the business’ good graces. Hey if it can happen for Robert Downey, Jr. — the man stars in two blockbuster movie franchises, for heaven’s sake — it can happen for Lindsay.

By the way, check the striking difference between how Lohan looked in 2006, when she was last on “Today,” and how she looks now. Quite shocking, considering how young she still is.

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Today/96422/2204109019/Lindsay-%E2%80%98glad%E2%80%99-She-Worked-at-the-Morgue/embed 580 476]

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