Watch: Nancy Grace Visits ‘The View,’ Blasts Hosts

Nancy Grace and Joy Behar on The View (ABC)

With the news that Sherri Shepherd would be a contestant in the upcoming season of “Dancing with the Stars,” former contender Nancy Grace paid a visit to “The View” to offer her some tips for the dance floor.

But Shepherd and her fellow co-hosts wanted to know about something else instead… why Grace suggested that Whitney Houston might have been murdered.

“You made a statement in which you said that ‘we do not know who gave her her drugs and alcohol and who let her slip or pushed her underneath the water,'” said Barbara Walters.

“I’m coming at this from an angle of someone who wants to know the truth,” replied Grace. “I don’t care if it’s Whitney Houston…or somebody off the street…That’s why we have autopsies to determine one of three things: did someone die of natural causes, accident or foul play/homicide. That;’s what the question said.”

Joy Behar pushed the issue, asking Grace, “Did it ever occur to you that implying that someone murdered the woman would put the family into a tizzy?”

That, of course, didn’t put Grace in a good mood. Her reply: “I’m sure its all fun to sit around a throw stones from behind a coffee cup, but what I said was regarding an autopsy.”

Walters later was more pointed, asking, “Do you still think that someone may have pushed her under that water?”

“From what I believe, I don’t think she was pushed under water,” Grace answered.

“Do you think that maybe you could have waited instead of putting that out there?” said Shepherd.

“When I am asked a direct question, I give a direct and truthful answer,” Grace stated.

Here’s the video…

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