Who Was President Obama’s Favorite Character on ‘The Wire’?

President Obama (Jemal Countess/Getty Images)

In what Grantland claims is the first time a sitting president has ever been a guest on a podcast, President Obama appeared on “The B.S. Report,” the podcast hosted by the site’s editor, Bill Simmons. Most of the podcast — they were so excited, they provided a full transcript — revolved around sports issues, but anyone who knows Simmons’ work knows that he can’t avoid pop culture in anything he does, especially when it comes to one of his all-time favorite shows, “The Wire.”

So at the end of the interview, Simmons asked the president who his favorite character was on the show. His answer? “It’s got to be Omar, right? I mean, that guy is unbelievable, right?” We’d imagine he’s a fan of Michael Kenneth Williams‘ character because, even though he’s a criminal, he’s an ethical criminal and a Renaissance man in the world of the Baltimore drug trade.

Anyway, POTUS didn’t exactly go out on a limb when he said that “The Wire” is one of the greatest shows ever; most TV fans who’ve seen the show agree. But the fact that he’s siding with the criminals and not the cops is a surprise, even if that criminal is as dynamic as Omar is.

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