XFINITY On Demand: Leonard Maltin Highlights ‘Arthur’ and ‘Seven Brides for Seven Brothers’

Film critic Leonard Maltin. (Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Sometimes when you’re in the mood for pure entertainment your best bet is something tried and true—like one of these recommendations.


Whether or not you saw the recent remake with Russell Brand, (Watch it online now) you owe it to yourself to experience the original “Arthur” starring Dudley Moore as an overgrown rich kid with an unnatural fondness for alcohol and money to burn. He also has the most patient manservant in creation, played with acid-tongued precision by John Gielgud, who won an Oscar for this unforgettable performance. Arthur is heir to a fortune, but his mother makes it plain that he will only get the money—and the opportunity to continue to do as he pleases—if he agrees to marry the woman she has chosen for him. That’s when he chances to meet, and fall in love with, a down-to-earth waitress played by Liza Minnelli. Arthur is one of the brightest, funniest comedies ever made, reminiscent of 1930s Hollywood at its best. Credit that to writer and director Steve Gordon and his perfectly chosen cast. Use to purchase “Arthur” on your TV.

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For musical moviemaking at its most robust, you can’t beat “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers,” a delightful yarn in which backwoodsman Howard Keel convinces plucky Jane Powell to be his wife, even though they’ve just met. He fails to tell her that he has six unruly siblings. But Powell is made of strong stuff, and makes the best of a bad situation, eventually teaching her new brothers-in-law how to dance and even court a girl. Michael Kidd’s energetic choreography reaches its apex in a barn-raising number that’s never been equaled, and director Stanley Donen makes admirable use of the widescreen frame. This is a gem from the home of great musicals, MGM.  Use to purchase “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” on your TV.

I can promise you that whether you choose the vintage musical or the modern comedy, or both, you’ll wind up with a smile on your face.

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