‘Mad Men’ Set a Dangerous Place, as Evidenced by Jon Hamm’s Many Work-Related Injuries

by | March 2, 2012 at 11:08 AM | Mad Men, The Late Show with David Letterman

Someone give Jon Hamm worker’s comp! Appearing on the “Late Show” Thursday night, the “Mad Men” star recounted several injuries he’s sustained while acting on the AMC drama. Apparently, Hamm broke right his hand filming an explosion scene in Season 1; he had 8 stitches in his head after a piece of the set fell on it; and he separated his shoulder falling because “I couldn’t land on [my] right hand because it was broken.” To add insult to (literal) injury, Hamm recalled filming a scene with Elisabeth Moss after Peggy received a promotion. The scene called for a handshake between the two, and Hamm asked “Lizzie” to go easy on him. She thought he was joking, and went in for a firm grip. “I immediately hit the floor like I had been shot,” Hamm said. “It was searing, searing pain.” “You should retire,” Dave quipped. “You’re lucky to be alive.”