Trash-Talking Bachelorettes Turn on Each Other in Catty ‘Bachelor: Women Tell All’ Special

The Bachelor: Women Tell All special (ABC) had a ringside seat for the filming of Monday night’s upcoming controversial and catty “The Bachelor: Women Tell All” special with 16 of the women who had hoped to win Ben Flajnik’s heart on hand, as well as a “Bachelor” first with Courtney Robertson put in the hot seat. Never before has a woman still in competition been allowed to come and face down the women she beat out.

Sparks immediately began to fly as the rehash of the season began with the gals trash talking and speaking over one another in an attempt to make themselves heard. Here is what you won’t want to miss on Monday night:

Let The Courtney-Bashing Games Begin: Host Chris Harrison gets the women to talk about Courtney — and little do they realize she will be showing up shortly to defend herself. But Monica gets things rolling saying, “She is not nice, she is hurtful and she means it.” It’s all downhill from there. When Courtney finally shows up and tells Chris she is terrified of these women, she has a point, even as she tries to smooth things over. If someone as sweet as Kacie Boguskie pointedly asks: “Is it because you mean it or because it affects your relationship with Ben?,” you know the other women will want to sharpen their claws on Courtney.

Watch Courtney Ignore Blakeley:

[iframe!/embed 580 476]

Mean Girl?: Blakeley Shea takes heat for her comment, “I didn’t come here to make friends.” The women feel she was “toxic,” with Rachel Truehart pointing out, “Night one she was mean to me.”

Watch Blakeley Get Called Out for Being a “Bully”:

[iframe 580 476]

Deathly Surprise: Shawntel Newton, the funeral director from Brad Womack’s season, makes a surprise visit and accuses the other women of “bullying” her at the party in San Francisco when she tried to find a connection with Ben.

On the Defensive: Kacie takes the hot seat to talk about why she flew to Switzerland to get answers from Ben and to warn him about Courtney. She explains, “I was completely blindsided. I didn’t remember what he said.”

The “B” Word (Bully) Comes Up Again:

[iframe 580 476]

Ben Faces the Ladies: Ben is immediately ganged up on by the women wanting to know what he was thinking. But he puts them all off — especially when it comes to criticism of Courtney — saying, ” I wanted to figure things out for myself. I am very intuitive and perceptive.” (So perceptive he didn’t get how Courtney was playing him?!)

What is She Thinking?: Jamie Otis makes Ben an interesting offer, you will have to see to believe.

Ben’s “Options Are Open”:

[iframe!/embed 580 476]

“Bachelor Pad” Preview: There is also footage of a “Bachelor”/”Bachelorette” party with Ali Fedotowsky explaining how she wants to reconnect with some of the friends she made — now that she and Roberto Martinez are no longer together. Some of the party goers will make up this summer’s “Bachelor Pad” cast, but it is not revealed who.

Don’t miss the explosive “The Bachelor: Women Tell All” special, airing Monday, March 5 at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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