Watch: Jimmy Kimmel Has Audience Member Play Lil Wayne When Rapper Doesn’t Show Up

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What happens when you’re doing a late night talk show and one of your guests don’t show up and Regis Philbin isn’t available to fill in? That question was posed to Jimmy Kimmel last night when his scheduled guest on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” rapper Lil Wayne, decided to blow off his appearance. So, instead of trying to pull someone in at the last minute — Adam Corolla was already on earlier in the show — Jimmy and his crew decided to just pull someone out of the audience, stick a wig and a hat on him, and interview him as if it really was Lil Wayne.

The audience member, who we found out was named Carl, was nervous but game, answering the questions Kimmel threw at him as best he could. The comedy in the bit came from Kimmel asking him personal questions about Lil Wayne and seeing the frozen look on poor Carl’s face as he searched for some way to answer questions he had no idea what the real answers to them were.

To be honest, the interview was probably about as good as what he would have gotten from the real Lil Wayne. Maybe talk show hosts should do this more often.

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