Xfinity TV Guest Editor Ali Landry Discusses Her New Series, ‘Hollywood Girls Night’

Ali Landry co-hosts "Hollywood GIrls Night." (Getty Images)

If you’ve ever wanted to attend a girlfriends-only dinner party where the main course is a healthy serving of intimate dish – and we aren’t talking about what’s on the plate – then “Hollywood Girls Night” is your new favorite show. Actress/model Ali Landry and “Biggest Loser” host Alison Sweeney, real life besties, are hosting just such made-for-TV dinner parties, and you’re invited, starting Sunday, March 4, at 9 pm EST on the TV Guide Network.

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As of now, five shows have been taped, and they grew out of monthly dinners that Landry and Sweeny started having for friends, including Denise Richards, Lisa Rinna, and Brooke Burke. “We’d see each other at events and might say hi in passing, but we never really sat down to see what was going on with the other person,” says Landry, who is also this week’s Xfinity TV guest editor (see picks below). “We thought we should start like a little supper club thing. So Alison put it together, sent out the invites to some of our friends, and we did it at each other’s homes.

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“We did a pot luck, so everybody brought a dish. And it really turned out to be a great – a really great thing for us, because we heard what the other people were doing for work and in their personal lives. We were able to show up for each other at different events and also just talk and get away from the husbands and the kids. We are all about the same age. We all have children. All of us were sort of going through the same things in lives and careers and everything. It was just a great female bonding thing for us.”

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To give the show a different feel, the parties are at their homes and topics range from relationships to hair extensions. “For me, it’s like a nighttime talk show, but relaxed,” says Landry. “The cameras kind of take a back seat. It flows like a dinner party. We do our gifts, our secrets, and we go around the table and start with ice breaker questions.”

And the best ice breaker Landry has heard? “We do everything from have you ever stuffed your bra to who’s your biggest celebrity crush?” she says.

Guests include Kyle Richards, Cheryl Underwood, and Kendra Wilkinson. Landry says the episode with Wilkinson, Robin Givens, and Keisha Whitaker, plus Perez Hilton, got a little out of control and needed to be heavily edited. “The theme was a passion party,” she said. “My mouth hit the floor more than a few times. You get the idea.”

While the parties are women-only, except for guests, Landry says men will enjoy it, too. “My father watched and liked it,” she says. “Guys who’ve wanted to know what women talk about when they get together will love it.”

In addition to her own series, Landy is an admitted TV fan, more like an aficionado, and so we asked her to serve as a guest editor by selecting 12 TV series for the homepage. Besides “Hollywood Girls Night,” here are her choices – and a brief explanation why.

60 Minutes
I watch to keep current and my husband is a director, so he always gets great stories and ideas for movies. (Watch full episodes here)

The Voice
Great talent and I actually like to see the judges sort of, you know, go against one another.(Watch full episodes here)

Undercover Boss
It is so touching and so inspiring. I cry every single – both my husband and I, both of us, we cry every single time we watch it. (Watch full episodes here)

The Bachelor
It’s good drama – and fun. (Watch full episodes here)

On Freddie Roach
Freddie is an incredible. I used to go to Freddie’s gym. He had a great story. He has taken these boxers into super stardom and his passion for the sport and the legacy of his family is inspirational. (Watch full episodes here)

Modern Family
I am friends with Sophia and to see her come into her own in this gives me great joy. I also know Julie very well. I am happy for both of them. (Watch full episodes here)

30 Rock
It makes me laugh. (Watch full episodes here)

48 Hours Mystery
I think more than anything it makes me aware that there are really bad people in this world, you know, or normal people that do really bad things. Everyday people that do really bad things. And as for having a child, it really – it constantly makes me think ahead, like what to do to protect them. (Watch full episodes here)

As a fan of American Idol, I love seeing Katherine McPhee showing what a great talent she is. It makes you realize how fortunate we are that we have shows that can really showcase this talent. (Watch full episodes here)

Shark Tank
if you love business or if you’re an entrepreneur, or just have that spirit, this is definitely the show for you. I love hearing the stories of the people. They have mortgaged their homes, they have poured their passion into these products and then they take them in front of a panel of experts. It’s very dramatic. (Watch full episodes here)

The Biggest Loser
First, Alison Sweeney hosts the show, and she’s my dear friend. And what I love most about The Biggest Loser is it calls people into action on the show and well beyond it. So many inspirational stories have resulted from this show. It’s really changed peoples lives. (Watch full episodes here)

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