‘Celebrity Apprentice’: How Will George Takei Manage ‘Chatterbox Critic’ Clay Aiken?

George Takei in "The Celebrity Apprentice" (Mitchell Haaseth/NBC)

George Takei in "The Celebrity Apprentice" (Mitchell Haaseth/NBC)

One of the big surprises during the first two episodes of “The Celebrity Apprentice” so far is Clay Aiken. Not only does he seem like he’s very capable of handling whatever task Donald Trump throws at him, but it also seems like he’s going to be one of the more vocal contestants, and not in the funny way that Arsenio Hall or Adam Carolla are.

In last week’s episode, Aiken leveled a lot of criticism at his teammate George Takei, especially when the stage-trained actor kept flubbing his lines when rehearsing a speech he was supposed to give to introduce a jousting contest at Medieval Times, messing up any chance to get the stage cues correct.

“So Clay, dear Clay, he made a big thing out of that and he went on and on,” Takei said in a conference call this week, which also featured Tia Carrere and The Donald himself. “Clay tends to be a little bit of a chatterbox critic. And so that got played up a little bit bigger than it really was. “

Have we started seeing some cracks in what has been so far a smooth-running men’s team? We’ll see this week, when the task is to create a living window display for the Ivanka Trump Collection. That’s right; they’ll be looking to impress Trump’s savvy daughter, who’s also now one of his advisers most weeks.

“In this case my desire to raise as much money as I can for the Japanese American National Museum was what got me to accept the challenge because right up front there was a $25,000 if we won – the $25,000 prize,” said Takei. But how will he deal with the very opinionated Aiken?

Right now, the men’s team looks like it’s got its act together, while the women’s team is constantly at odds. But Trump knows from experience that it won’t last long. “Like it usually ends up they become terrible enemies of each other; it’s incredible,” he said in a manner that seemed like he was half-joking. But then again, when was the last time you heard Trump half-joke about anything?

“Well as I said it’s because, you know, we are very competitive,” said Takei.  “I mean, when it comes closer and closer to the end point, you know, we want to win. And it’s that that drives the testosterone or whatever the women have. And – well the women had testosterone from the beginning.”

We can’t see anyone on the men’s team that would wage the epic battle that Lisa Lampanelli and Victoria Gotti waged last week, but if the men lose, what are the odds that Takei brings Aiken into the boardroom? Guess we’ll find out tonight, around 9 pm Eastern.

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