‘The Good Wife’: Is Alicia’s Position in Jeopardy?

Just when Alicia (Julianna Margulies) started to feel secure in her job, Caitlin (Anna Camp) proved herself to be a true threat. In this week’s episode, “After the Fall,” Alicia allowed Caitlin to cross examine a witness for the first time. After the horn dog judge repeatedly ruled against her, she hoped he might respond better to the blonde recent law school graduate. Indeed, Caitlin not only persuaded him to rule that the Facebook page of a young woman who committed suicide was admissible evidence, she got the dead woman’s boyfriend to admit that some suicidal sounding status updates were about their relationship, establishing that a YouTube video that made jumping off a Chicago bridge look like fun was not the only possible motivation the woman might have had for jumping.

Unfortunately for Alicia, Diane (Christine Baranski) witnesses Caitlin’s moment of triumph. Faster than you can say Eve Harrington, she not only promotes Caitlin to full litigator, she tells Alicia that they will be sharing an assistant. Is Caitlin merely young and enthusiastic, or does she need to watch her back? Watch the clip of Diane breaking the news to Alicia, and decide for yourself. Remember, Caitlin was flirting with Will about a week after she came to Lockhart-Gardner.

Speaking of Will (Josh Charles), in his absence, Julius (Michael Boatman), David (Zach Grenier) and Eli (Alan Cumming) all vie to take over as the named partner. Their Machiavellian schemes may be short lived, however, as a visit from Will’s two overbearing sisters quickly puts a kibbosh on his plans to treat his six month suspension as a vacation. Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) drops by to inform him that everyone is plotting against them, leading his sisters to hilariously conclude that Kalinda is his girlfriend. Will rushes back to Lockhart-Gardner. Apparently, he is allowed to come to work as long as he does not do more than consult on cases he was already working on before his suspension. Last episode, it seemed like if Will set foot on the property, every lawyer in the firm would immediately be disbarred.

Peter’s (Chris Noth) quest to become a keynote speaker at the Democratic Convention hits a snag when Donna Brazile, playing herself, informs Eli that all of Peter’s allies have abandoned him because he did not hook them up with cushy jobs after he was elected State’s Attorney. So much for his plans to keep his hands clean. He quickly hires an old friend, and forces Cary (Matt Czuchy) to tell Geneva (Renee Goldsberry) that she has been demoted to make room for Peter’s buddy. It’s going to be disappointing when somebody other than Noth delivers the keynote speech this summer.

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