The Monday Buzz: Aiken Throws Takei Under the Bus on ‘Celeb Apprentice’ and More

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Over the weekend, we speculated how Clay Aiken and George Takei were going to get along in this week’s “Celebrity Apprentice” task, which was going to be managed by Takei. It turns out that they got along, but Aiken couldn’t help but be a “chatterbox gossip,” as Takei described on a conference call last week, chuckling when adviser Eric Trump came by the worksite to ask Clay how George is as a boss.

So when the men’s team lost the competition to create a “living window” at Lord & Taylor for Ivanka Trump‘s collection, Clay was one of the first to speak up. In fact, he was criticizing Takei’s hands-off management skills in the boardroom even before the teams found out who won.

Even though Arsenio Hall made some pretty severe mistakes in choosing the clothes the models in the window would wear, Clay’s criticism pretty much sank things for Takei, and he knew it. Takei didn’t exactly fall on his sword, but when Donald Trump asked him who he thought he should fire, George gracefully pointed out that all signs seem to be pointing his way.

Watch the boardroom hijinks above. While you’re here, click below to see what else went on this weekend:

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