Colbert: Rush Limbaugh Can’t Have Sex Without Medicinal Help

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One of the clever things that Stephen Colbert and the writers of “The Colbert Report” have become experts at is the ability to slam a person in a way that might actually sound complimentary if you weren’t listening closely enough. But because we all know Colbert is playing his conservative pundit persona for laughs, it makes his backhanded praise even funnier.

In the case of Rush Limbaugh and his “slut” remarks against contraception advocate Sandra Fluke, Colbert managed to point out the same things his boss and “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart did a half hour earlier, but in a much less aggrieved manner. For instance, he said that Rush’s assertion that a woman takes a birth control pill every time she wants to have sex comes from his own experience, “because every time he’s had sex with a woman, he’s had to slip her a pill first.”

Colbert’s entire routine carries the same tone, though we liked to hear him say that Limbaugh was “full of ham,” mainly because he looks like he is. It’s always a fun contrast to see Colbert’s take on an issue after Stewart’s, because, while Jon is full of righteous indignation — albeit in a funny way — we sometimes appreciate Colbert’s clever takedowns more.

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