Courtney Breaks Down in Tears and Apologizes on ‘The Bachelor: Women Tell All’

An apologetic Courtney Robertson on The Bachelor: The Women Tell All (ABC)

It was a no-holds barred “The Bachelor: Women Tell All” when 16 ousted bachelorettes returned to sharpen their claws on Courtney Robertson, the woman that we love to hate for her outrageous machinations to “win” Ben Flajnik.

The highlights of the night included Courtney breaking down in tears because of how she is being treated in the media, the women rejecting Courtney’s attempt to apologize to them, and Jamie Otis offering Ben a “do over” if he isn’t happy with his final choice.

With only a week left until we find out whether Ben will pick Courtney or Lindzi Cox to present with the final rose, the women were relentless as they took Courtney to task for her bad behavior. And when Emily asked her why they should accept her apology — and Courtney did say she took everything back — when she wouldn’t accept hers? Courtney said, “I don’t like being torn apart — my family, my friends in the tabloids it is awful. I didn’t think it through.” Making it sound as if Courtney wasn’t at all sorry for what she did, just the reaction to it.

Watch Courtney’s Reaction to the Bachelorettes:

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What the bachelorettes said to Courtney’s face:

Blakeley Shea demanded to know what she did to Courtney that caused her to call her a stripper and say that she is the kind of woman a boyfriend cheats on you with. Nicki Sterling wanted to know Courtney’s motivation for apologizing to Ben in Switzerland, like did she have an ulterior motive, say like, winning — and Jennifer Fritsch seconded that emotion, saying that Courtney was just there to repair her image, adding, “I think you apologized to Ben to get to the next level.”

What the bachelorettes said behind her back:

++ Monica Spannbauer: She is a liar, manipulative, she is not nice, she is hurtful and she means it.

++ Samantha Leavey: She is in it to win it.

++ Blakeley Shea: The difference between us is I am real and she is not. If I said something to hurt someone’s feelings, I would be the first to admit I messed up. I will admit I do not like Courtney. However, I never said one nasty word about her.

++ Kacie Boguskie: The trouble that I had was that she was a split personality. She was one way around us and another way around Ben. I only hope that in the end, she is the way she was around Ben.

++ Nicki Sterling: She flipped and had a change of heart when she realized it was down to the final few and her chances of winning might be hindered by how bad she treated people. Now she feels bad, I don’t buy that for a second.

Read on to find out:

Is Emily O’Brien still in love with Ben?
She said, “I wouldn’t want to fall for somebody who would fall for what Courtney was putting forward.” And “At the end of the day, Ben has to be the one who has to live with his choice. He has made his bed, he can lie in it.”

Why Shawntel Newton was upset and it wasn’t about being called a bitch, but about being bullied.
“It wasn’t the bitch thing. It was that they said I was ugly, had big hips and I was white trash,” she said.

Is Nicki over her heartbreak?
“I fell really hard. It was hard to have those feelings again. Ben was able to make you feel very special. I was 100 percent shocked not to get the rose in Switzerland. I thought, ‘If he wants a chance at true happiness, it is me.’ I would never ask him what I did wrong, because I was myself. It has been a few months and I am myself again,” she admit.

Why the women didn’t make friends with Blakely:
“I didn’t come to make friends; I came to meet Ben. I go after what I like… I don’t regret the way I acted. I wish my guard wasn’t up so much, but this [referring to the verbal attacks by the other gals] is why I have it up so much,” she said.

Why Brittney Schreiner left of her own volition:
“The first reason I left was I had no attraction to Ben whatsoever and there were girls that did. Lindzi being one of them, so I felt that date should go to her. My time is precious and I felt it was better spent elsewhere. I am happy with my decision. Lindzi made it to the end,” she confessed.

Who called whom a Chihuahua?
That would be Brittney trying to get a word in edgewise when Samantha Levey just wouldn’t shut up.

What you didn’t see on TV, but we know because we had a ringside seat for the taping:

++ Host Chris Harrison taking the girls to task for their extreme potty mouths. At one point he asked, “Have you heard from your parents about your language?”

++ The women calling Blakely “toxic.”

++ Kacie said her parents wanted her to see both sides during the hometown visit, but she had put blinders on. “I thought it was him and me and not the other three girls. It was how I survived so long.”

Next Monday, Ben will present the final rose on the season finale of “The Bachelor” at 8/7c on ABC, followed by “After the Final Rose” at 10/9c

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