The Tuesday Buzz: Jon Stewart Calls Rush Limbaugh ‘A Terrible Person’ and More

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You knew that as soon as “The Daily Show” hit the air this week that they were going to address Rush Limbaugh calling Sandra Fluke a “slut.” And they did with full guns blazing; Jon Stewart even expressed that “he’s a terrible person” at some point during the show-opening bit about the incident.

But what was interesting about the bit is that, instead of concentrating on Rush and his bloviations — something that most shows should know better than to do, considering Rush has been giving them easy material like this for almost a quarter-century now — Stewart and his “TDS” writers went after the misconceptions about Fluke’s testimony and who has been spreading them. To Stewart, women use birth control for many health reasons, and most of the time, it’s not to give themselves a free pass for daily romps in the hay.

He seemed especially perturbed at Megyn Kelly of Fox News, who’s been using the “she wants to be paid to have sex” line that has been bandied about since her testimony; he deftly brought up not-so-old footage of Megyn defending her right to receive paid maternity leave from her job. Essentially, he said, she’s being paid to have sex, right? Seems like a pretty logical argument to us.

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