‘General Hospital’s’ Kristen Alderson Finds Another Life to Live in Port Charles

Kristen Alderson (ABC)

Kristen Alderson has spent almost as many waking hours as Starr Manning as she has as herself. The twenty one year old actress began playing Starr on “One Life to Live” when she was six. After OLTL was canceled, she jumped at the chance to bring the character to ABC’s last surviving soap, “General Hospital.” In the week and a half since Starr moved to Port Charles, her boyfriend and daughter have tied tragically, Michael (Chad Duell) has declared himself her protector and her parents, Blair (Kassie DePaiva) and Todd (Roger Howarth) have followed her to town to seek revenge on the person responsible for killing their granddaughter. Alderson shared how she feels about losing her on-screen child, what it’s like to be the new girl on a new show, and how she feels about the show that has replaced OLTL.

How do you feel about the decision to kill off Starr’s daughter Hope?
It was, of course, so sad. I’ve worked with the triplets [who played her] the whole time. It’s been the same three girls who played Hope on “One Life To Live.” So I’m so connected to  them, to Molly [the main Hope.] To think of that character dying is so sad. But because I’m not on the west coast, there had to be a different Hope, played by a little girl. I only worked with her for two episodes. She was so sweet. But I guess I sort of felt less of a connection. If it had been Molly in those scenes, I would have been just devastated.

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Any chance there will be a surprise twist, and we’ll find Hope roaming through the woods like a mini-Katniss Everdeen, hunting and foraging to survive?
You know what? With a soap opera you never know. You just never know.

Now your parents are arriving in Port Charles. What are they going to be doing? I know they blame Sonny for Starr’s accident.
Because Starr now believes that Sonny is responsible for her accident, she’s going to try her absolute darndest to get back at him and of course Todd and Blair will be right by her side the entire time.

Any chance that Todd and Blair will stick around beyond the few episodes that have been announced?
I’m not sure. I really do hope so. We only filmed for two days and we filmed eight episodes in those two days. So you’ll be seeing a lot of Blair and Todd but hopefully it will be well received. I know it will be well received because it will be such high drama. It will be a total trip for fans to see Blair and Carly on the same screen and Todd and Sonny on the same screen and her and Michael. It’s been an absolute thrill to be working with them.

Speaking of Starr and Michael, to make a really bad pun, they seem starcrossed already. What kind of relationship are they going to have?
Michael just lost Abby, so the loss is very fresh in his mind. He’s sort of the only person that could really understand what Starr is going through. So I think that they will really bond over that as opposed to everyone [who’s] like, “When are they going to make out?” I think that both of them can’t even think of that right now. But their scenes are so, so sweet and I think that Michael just really understands more than anyone else.

Are we going to get any resolution to the cliffhanger that ended “One Life to Live,” how Victor (Trevor St. John) ended up with Allison, and how he is going to get out of that situation?
I have no idea. As of right now, there are still so many things going on “General Hospital.” We have the same headwriter, Ron Carlivati, but he really wants to make sure we stick to “General Hospital” being “General Hospital.” It would be great if we found out the whole meaning to the ending of “One Life to Live,” but, at the same time, I think right now it’s just all about “General Hospital” and making it the best that it can be without it being too much about “One Life to Live.”

How is it different working on “General Hospital” than “One Life to Live”?
Well, the weather’s a little different, especially with it being the winter time and it’s sunny every single day and like 75 [degrees.] So I’m loving that part of it. Everyone here is so, so sweet. Everyone on “One Life to Live” was just a family to me so it’s like totally coming to this show being the new girl. But I know a lot of the actors from the parties that we’ve had, promotional parties, so I’m loving that I knew everyone. Other than that, everyone has been so welcoming and that’s really helped a lot.

When you see the ratings for “The Revolution” and they’re about half of what “One Life to Live’s” were, what do you think?
I think it’s a little upsetting, but, at the same time, I guess it’s a business and that’s just how it goes. I kind of [agree] with the notion that everything happens for a reason even though it’s so upsetting and we may not know why now, hopefully the answer will come to us sooner [rather] than later.

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