Star Jones Talks With Rosie About ‘The View’ and Her Heart Surgery

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Tonight on “The Rosie Show” on OWN, Rosie O’Donnell talks to Star Jones, a fellow refugee from “The View.” Jones talked about her trip back into the belly of the beast a few weeks ago, and in the clip above, Star talks about how afraid she was that all evidence of her nine years on the show were going to be wiped from existence. Fortunately, though, she was greeted warmly, and found out the show does appreciate its history.

In the clip below, Star talks about her heart surgery, and why obesity can obscure a woman’s health problems. Lately, she’s been very candid about both her gastric bypass and her heart surgery, and the clips from her interview with Rosie show a Star that’s less haughty and more vulnerable than she’s shown in the past (that’s despite her Twitter handle being @StarJonesEsq. Come on, Star, we know you’re a lawyer; is it really necessary to have it be part of your Twitter handle?).

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Since Rosie switched the format her show from studio-audience-centric variety show to one-on-one interviews in without an audience, it has improved dramatically; Rosie now has the time to dig deeper and get more personal insights from her guests. It not only has made for more compelling interviews, but clips from the show have gone viral in recent weeks, which can only help increase awareness for a show that needs more viewers.

There’s word going around, first floated by the Huffington Post, that Rosie is looking to move the show to New York, so she can live at home year-round. It was always strange that Rosie would agree to do the show in Chicago just because Oprah asked her to — and that Oprah’s old studio was empty.

Now that she’s out of that studio and doing the more intimate format, it’s no longer necessary for her to be there. A more comfortable Rosie, who will more easily be to get guests because of the New York locale, can only make what’s becoming a pretty good show even better.

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