Did ‘Top Chef’ Runner-Up Sarah Grueneberg Curse Out Emeril?

by | March 8, 2012 at 12:10 PM | Top Chef

Paul Qui and Sarah Grueneberg at the "Top Chef: Texas" reunion (Virginia Sherwood/Bravo)

Paul Qui and Sarah Grueneberg at the "Top Chef: Texas" reunion (Virginia Sherwood/Bravo)

During last night’s ‘Top Chef” reunion, the network’s expert pot-stirrer, Andy Cohen, brought up an incident that supposedly happened during the production of the ninth season finale: Runner-up Sarah Grueneberg told one of the judges to “F— off” in what Cohen called “the heat of the battle.”

In the video below, Cohen doesn’t say which judge she cursed at, but the editing tells the story; there lots of cutaways to Emeril Lagasse during this segment. But after Sarah denied saying it — and Cohen goaded her on by saying “You were there” –  Sarah then launched into a speech about how Lagasse is her culinary hero and how much he pushed her to achieve during the season.

So, the assumption is that she told Emeril to eff off. If anyone can take that from a contestant, it’s Emeril; the guy’s from Fall River, MA and lives in New Orleans. But it didn’t seem particularly fair of Cohen to bring this up; Sarah’s emotional response to that rumor was evident, and she told Cohen of her annoyance in no uncertain terms.

Cohen tends to forget sometimes that “Top Chef” is not “The Real Housewives,” and most of these cheftestants don’t sit stone-faced when he stirs the pot because they’re itching for fame and a spot in the next season of the show. We’re surprised one of the contestants at these reunions doesn’t stand up to Andy and tell him what Sarah supposedly told Emeril.

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