Producers of ‘Alcatraz’ Helped Rescue Stroke Victim in San Francisco

"Alcatraz." (Fox)

It looks like the producers of the FOX show “Alcatraz” can do more than just shoot a show about time-traveling criminals. They actually can heal the sick.

Well, that’s not completely true, but, according to TMZ, they were in a position to help a woman who had suffered a stroke. During a shoot in San Francisco, the producers needed to have a car moved out of their shot. They somehow traced the car back to a neighborhood address (more on this in a second). When they went to the house, the woman who came to the door said her mother had just suffered a stroke. The producers summoned some SFPD officers hired to work on-set, and they called an ambulance.

No word on the woman’s condition, but she’s likely better now than she would have been if the producers weren’t in the right place at the right time. What we want to know is how the producers traced the car back to that house. Sure, they could have asked neighbors, but we wonder: do they have someone on “the inside” with the ability to trace license plates for them?

Watch an episode of “Alcatraz”:

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