Watch: Ashley Judd is a Mother on a Mission in Extended ‘Missing’ Sneak Peek

Ashley Judd as Becca Winstone in Missing (ABC)

In nearly all of the on-air promos for the premiere of ABC’s “Missing,” Ashley Judd is seen running, jumping, screaming “Michael!” (her character’s son whose disappearance is the show’s titular central storyline), and generally appearing as a badass mother on what seems to be a repeated loop. The new 14-minute sneak peek of the premiere proves those teasers are no exaggeration.

In “Missing,” Judd plays Becca Winstone, a seemingly overprotective mother who we soon come to discover has a very secret past as a CIA operative. It’s Judd’s first series television part since her role as Reed Hastley on “Sisters” in the ’90s.

Judd, who performs almost all of her own stunts (save for a few due to insurance reasons), said prepping for the high-energy role as an Action Mom had its difficulties. “I had a very sedentary life [prior to this],” Judd told reporters at TCA in January. “I went to graduate school and I wrote a book,” she noted. But, much like Becca, a reformed agent who is forced to re-emerge from her cushy flower shop job when her son goes AWOL, Judd slipped right back into a familiar workout routine.  “Fortunately,” she joked. “I’ve got good muscle memory.”

Below, we’re introduced to the entire Winstone family: Becca, her husband Paul (Sean Bean) and Michael (Nick Eversman) via flashback. From there, the present-day twists and turns take off. Without giving too much away, be prepared for a “Holy crap!” moment at around the 3-minute mark. (After watching, read below for more info.)

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Unlike some shows-which-shall-not-be-named (cough, “The Killing”), Judd promises the show’s main plot will be wrapped in Season 1. What this means for a potential second season remains to be seen. Our somewhat grim and totally unsubstantiated guess? Becca’s son is killed and she is forced to permanently return to the CIA to seek vengeance against the baddies who wronged her.

And by the way: For those concerned about Sean Bean’s ill-fated TV luck (R.I.P. Ned Stark), don’t worry. Producers confirm Bean will appear in many of the first season’s 12 episodes via flashback.

“Missing” premieres on Thursday, March 15 at 8/7c on ABC.




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