Trump Will Fire Two on This Week’s ‘Celebrity Apprentice’

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The promo Sunday night’s episode of  “The Celebrity Apprentice” was shown at the end of last week’s episode, but it’s worth showing here for a couple of reasons: 1) Adam Carolla, who’s usually as calm and droll as anyone in Hollywood can be, looks visibly nervous as he tries to read a presentation for a new Buick, which is Sunday night’s task, and 2) There seems to be a whole lot of vitriol being spewed in the direction of Debbie Gibson, who so far has been this season’s Marlee Matlin: being nice, staying above the fray, looking for her time to pounce.

But the best part of the promo is when Donald Trump says he’s going to fire two people. How he does it is unclear; he could do both at the end of the task, or he could fire someone a little bit later for purely Trump-ian reasons (or we could go with the bad puns and call them Trumped up reasons). But the show does this kind of course correction, but never usually this early. But given the imbalance between the teams, maybe this is necessary right now. We’re just looking forward to seeing Carolla sweat.

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