From Mickey Mouse To Lady Gaga: 10 Fun Facts About ‘The Voice’ Singers

Juliet Simms on The Voice (Mitchell Haaseth/NBC)

The best part about opening a pack of baseball cards isn’t seeing if you got a Derek Jeter or an Albert Pujols. It isn’t poring over all the players’ statistics. And it’s certainly not inhaling the urinal cake smell of that pink bubble gum. No, the most entertaining thing about looking at any ball card is that little space at the top that mentions some trivial yet fascinating fact about the player in question.

Unfortunately, there are no collector cards for “The Voice.” Yet. (If there ever are, how much do you want to bet that you’d have to trade five Carson Daly’s for one Purrfect the Cat?) Not to worry, though. Here are Top 10 Fun Facts about some of this season’s “Voice” contestants:

Chris Mann’s Psychic Scare

After majoring in Opera at Vanderbilt University, the Kansas native was hired to sing in an opera called “Casanova” in Lucca, Italy. During his time there, he chose to live with locals rather than stay in his own apartment. “They paired me up with a psychic,” he recalls. “She ran a tarot card business out of her kitchen and on the last night, she read my cards and told me I needed to come back to the U.S. and start writing my own songs. She also told me I wasn’t focused, and that I’d never make it.” That advice scared him so much, he immediately headed to New York and started writing and performing his music. And now, once his “Voice” experience is done, he admits he’d “love to go back there and see if she’s still around. We’d have some things to talk about.”

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Justin Hopkins, Swedish Superstar

Not only did he play in Carson Daly’s old talk show band prior to his time on “The Voice,” Hopkins also had a solo recording career that landed him in the Top 20…in Sweden. “I recorded an album in a town of 69 people in six days,” he recalls. “It was all original material, and then I came back home. When I went over there again, the record ‘Why Would God Come To L.A.,’ went to number 12 on their charts. It wasn’t exactly a career I could capitalize on but there were some great moments, like laying a show for 5,000 people.”

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Cheesa Puts the Fun In Funeral

It’s only been a couple of weeks since America got to meet this Hawaiian-born bolt of vocal electricity, but she’s already knocking ‘em dead. So to speak. Just a few days after her blind audition aired, she says, “I went to a funeral and this lady came up and said, ‘I saw you on ‘The Voice!’ This was during the service, so I was like, ‘Shhh! Shhh! Shhh! Finally, I just said, ‘Okay, let’s go outside and we’ll take a picture.’ So I’ve learned quickly that fame can be kind of awkward.”

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Jesse Campbell’s Mouse-y Voice

There’s no doubt that this single dad has one of the biggest voices in the competition. His career goal, though, is to use his vocal talents for something much smaller – a mouse. Mickey Mouse, to be exact. “I like doing animation voices. It’s something I’ve worked on,” he explains. I love Mickey and Goofy, and even Elmo. I’d love to be the voice of Mickey Mouse someday. I’ve studied that dude for years. My daughter loves it when I do the voices. She tries to act like she doesn’t anymore. She and her buddies are in 6th grade now and act like they’re not into it but I know they are.”

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Naia Kete Lets Her Hair Down, Way Down

This Santa Monica, Calif. street singer has a very striking appearance, thanks in large part to her long dreadlocks. Anyone looking to imitate her look should be warned….you’re getting kind of a late start. “I’ve never cut my hair,” says Kete. “Ever. Not even once. I admit I think about it from time to time but whenever I get to the point where I wonder what it’d be like to have short hair, it freaks me out and I don’t go through with it. I’eve never thought about me starting a trend with this look, but I guess it would be kind of cool and flattering if there are impersonators out there.”

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Moses Stone Is Beside Himself

This rapper from Washington D.C. is confident in his musical abilities, but he’s not sure he can win “The Voice” without a little help from a very special friend who comes out whenever he performs. “I have this alter ego whose name is That Dude,” Stone says with a laugh. “I’m completely different on stage from the person you see me as when I’m out and about. When I’m up there, it’s all lights, camera, action. It’s my time to shine. That’s when That Dude takes over. The name came from my mom. She saw me become someone completely different when I perform so she started calling me that. He and I should really meet someday. I hear good things about how talented That Dude is!”

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Juliet Simms Goes Gaga

As an up-and-coming rocker on the L.A. club scene, Simms performed gigs alongside people like Katy Perry before she they became big stars. There was even a close encounter with Lady Gaga. She was working with a producer named RedOne, “who was the producer on Lady Gaga’s first album. He connected us so we could do some writing together, and it was cool. It was different. She had to go on tour so nothing ever came of it, though. Her egg was leaving so you gotta be on that!”

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Kim Yarbrough’s Gender Confusion

You may know as the 50-year-old soul singer who powered her way onto Adam Levine’s team. However, during the course of the “Voice” competition, she has also been known to become an elderly man. It seems that during one of the show’s production meetings, the producers conducted a roll call where everyone had to answer in a voice other than their own. Yarbrough decided to do it as a gruff, raspy old man “and now it’s just a part of me. It’s something I can do.”

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Tony Vincent’s Famous Friend

Performing for big crowds on Broadway, Vincent has found plenty of fans cheering him on as he tries to win “The Voice.” However, one of his biggest fans has been with him almost from the moment he started singing and also has some followers of his own: Neil Patrick Harris. Vincent and Harris went to high school together in New Mexico, even performing in “The Odd Couple. “We never lost contact,” Vincent says. “And I applaud his success. It’s kind of a mutual respect we have.” As for Harris, he recently Tweet-ed his support for his buddy, saying, “If you watch ‘The Voice’ …root for 1 of my high school best friends.”

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Tony Lucca’s Tabloid Time

Winning “The Voice” can certainly make someone famous. Which can lead to all sorts of tabloid tales about his or her personal life. For Lucca, though, it’s a case of “been there, dated that.” During his time as a member of the new  “Mickey Mouse Club” alongside the likes of Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling, he dated another co-star, Kerri Russell. The went out for eight years, even working together in the short-lived series “Malibu Shores.”

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