‘Revenge’ Will Feature ‘Origins Story,’ Prison Beatdown

Emily VanCamp in Revenge (ABC)

Revenge” will travel back in time ten years earlier this season for an episode the series creator Mike Kelley describes as an “origin story” that will feature the New Year’s Eve party at Lydia’s house where Emily worked as a caterer. Nearly every character, including most of the victims of Emily’s red sharpie of vengeance, will appear in the 2002 set episode, the season’s 20th, including Mason Treadwell (Roger Bart).

That was among the many spoilers revealed at the “Revenge” panel at PaleyFest this weekend. Madeline Stowe shared that her TV alter ago Victoria will go to great — and dark — lengths to keep Daniel out of prison. “Victoria will go to the ends of the earth for her son,” she said. “In her mind, the best way to get her son out of jail is to have the daylights beaten out of him. I think it’s going to shock a lot of people who watch the show. But, in reality, would you do this for your son?”

For Daniel, being accused of murder will be the end of his role as the Grayson family’s resident good guy. Said Joshua Bowman, “He remembers quite a bit  [of what happened on the beach] .He’s got a scent of something. He’s going to follow that until proven otherwise, which he probably will be, and then he’ll have a new track. I think the fun of him is he’s no angel. He knows he shot the guy. He didn’t have to. He could have done something different with that moment, but he did shoot him.”

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As for Emily, now that her plan has veered dangerously off course, “She kind of loses it a little bit and then she’s really lost what her sense of priority is, and where she’s supposed to go. That’s where we find her when [the show] comes back,” said Emily VanCamp. On the red carpet, prior to the event, VanCamp added, “I think Takeda [Hiroyuki Sanada] is really instrumental in helping her define what she needs to do.”  Hinted Kelley, “This last part [of the season] is about her wresting back control. There’s the ultimate line, and will she or won’t she cross it? It’s interesting to see just how far she’ll go.”

Kelley said that Emily’s list of revenge targets will grow longer. “Those videotapes that he [Treadwell] had, when he wrote the definitive nonsense about David Clarke bringing down that plane, he videotaped all of the people that were involved and we now have an archive of as many conspirators as we would like to explore.”

As for the finale, Kelley promised it will be a satisfying denouement, in the unlikely case that the show is not renewed.  “We want to make sure that our final episode 22 of the first season — we’re hoping for a second season but it’s not a guarantee — I want to make sure that we satisfy all the people who have invested their time and their care in the show. So we’re doing that, but we’re also posing a lot more questions so that we have a really great launching pad for Season 2.”



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