‘Smash’ Preview: Ivy Lynn Reaches Her Breaking Point, Freaks Out at Derek

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Smash/143113/2209043416/Ivy-s-Breaking-Point/embed 580 476]

Ever since Ivy Lynn (Megan Hilty) landed the lead role in Marilyn, the cracks in her veneer have started to show. Until now, she’s seemed to keep her cool (at least on a professional level). But in tonight’s episode of “Smash,” that all changes when the lethal combination of anxiety, paranoia, and a little bit of truth all come to a head, resulting in an epic – and, frankly, overdue – tirade directed at Derek (Jack Davenport). It all starts when Derek heavily criticizes Ivy’s behavior during rehearsal. It’s precisely this kind of biting humiliation she quietly asked him not to repeat in last week’s episode. Now, there are consequences. Watch above as Ivy goes absolutely ballistic on the Marilyn director, airing their dirty laundry in front of everyone. “I need to stop sleeping with men who are complete narcissistic pricks,” she yells before storming out. Could this finally be Karen’s (Katharine McPhee) in?


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