‘The Bachelor’ Finale: Will Sanity Prevail?

Ben Flajnik, 'The Bachelor' (Photo: ABC)

After one of the most contentious seasons of “The Bachelor” ever, featuring the odd concoction of one boring “Bachelor” in Ben Flajnik and one feverishly hated contestant in Courtney Robertson, it all comes to its thorny conclusion tonight on the two-hour season finale.

In case you forgot, Lindzi Cox is also in the Final Two along with Robertson, not that it matters much since this has been The Courtney Show all season long. The winemaker’s whirlwind romancing goes for the last seduction by whisking the girls away to Switzerland, where Ben will propose to either the equestrian or the model amidst snow-capped mountain tops.

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ABC’s new tongue-in-cheek promo teases the finale as a showdown between “Good vs. Courtney.” Or as some would call it, vanity vs. sanity. Because yet another “Bachelor” has fallen for the hottie over the good girl(s), despite words of warnings from bitter cast-offs and shades of doubt displayed by his own mother and sister. (So basically, he deserves whatever he has coming to him, and all signs point to heartbreak.)

Finale Preview: Red Flag! Red Flag!

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/The-Bachelor/5385/2209152971/Red-flag%2C-red-flag./embed 580 476]

As for who ultimately is “winning” tonight, a lot of the usual suspense has been diluted thanks to spoilers that emerged just as soon as the show began. But if you live under a reality TV show rock and don’t know who is “winning” the final rose, we won’t spoil it here. Or mention the rumors that the couple is already dunzo or that Ben was allegedly caught cheating on his “winning” lady already, making some wonder who the real villain is. No, for that, we’ll wait for Ben to explain.

“Welp, tonight is the night. Stay tuned for #afterthefinalrose. Should clear up a few things,” Ben wrote Monday on Twitter.

That would be terrific, Benji, because what’s played out so far has viewers wondering what the %$#* you’re thinking — or feeling embarrassed for you for seemingly getting hoodwinked (again) on national TV.

Amazingly, this 16th edition of “The Bachelor” has outdone the previous dating disasters that have come out of the show.

“It doesn’t compare at all to other seasons,” host Chris Harrison tells People. “It’s more competitive, darker and has raised a lot of debate and outrage from viewers. Ben was taken aback by the public outcry and the anger he’s faced. The Courtney thing was not easy for him to endure.”

The season finale of “The Bachelor” airs tonight on ABC, followed by the “After the Final Rose” special.

Finale Preview: Courtney Pouts, “It Makes Me Sad”

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/The-Bachelor/5385/2209152824/It-makes-me-feel-sad./embed 580 476]

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