The Monday Buzz: Adam Carolla Gets Two Fired on ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ and More

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One of the best things about “The Celebrity Apprentice” is that Donald Trump seems to have contempt for people who do the honorable thing, as much as he says he doesn’t. When the men lost the task of creating a presentation for a new model from Buick, Trump asked project manager Adam Carolla to bring back two to the boardroom, as is the usual custom. But Carolla decided not to name anyone, even though most of the team felt both Michael Andretti and Lou Ferrigno didn’t pull their weight. So, as a reward for the project manager taking the bullet, Trump decided to fire two people.

Carolla was quickly fired, as you would have expected at that point. But after that, we found out the real reason why Trump decided to fire two… he was really disappointed with Andretti’s performance. He was shocked that Andretti, who comes from one of the most famous racing families in the world, didn’t step up and take the PM job for a car-related task, and his disappointment showed in his laser-like focus on telling Andretti how poorly he did on the task.

It makes us wonder if Trump had it in his mind all along to let Andretti go, but Carolla forced his hand by refusing to bring two people back to the boardroom. He could have lived on another week if he didn’t fall on his sword. It’s those kinds of quirks that make “Celeb Apprentice” fun to watch, even if we curse Trump while we’re watching it.

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