The Tuesday Buzz: Jon Stewart on ‘My Little Kony’ and More

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It’s amazing how the news cycle can even pass “The Daily Show” by sometimes; if something happens as they take their three-day weekends, sometimes their response on Monday seems a bit behind. That was the case with their take on the “Kony 2012” movement, which really took shape late in the week. But what they sometimes lack in timeliness, they make up for it in hilarity.

Jon Stewart and company’s take on the viral video that brings attention to Joseph Kony‘s atrocities talked about “handsome” filmmaker Jason Russell and how he weirdly explained Kony created child armies to his 5-year-old, and he also discussed the news media’s utter disgust that one viral video brought more attention to the issue than years of reporting. But the most effective message is when correspondents Al Madrigal and Jessica Williams demonstrated how “youths” have the energy to rally around issues… but only if they’re delivered to them via social media.

Watch the episode above. While you’re here, click below to see what else went on yesterday:

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