What Moment From ‘After the Final Rose’ Made Chris Harrison Feel Awkward?

Chris Harrison (ABC)

For better or worse, Ben Flajnik dropped down on one knee and proposed to Courtney Robertson on Monday night’s season finale of “The Bachelor.” It is not a decision that made America happy as most people wanted the winemaker from Sonoma, CA to pick runner-up Lindzi Cox. But Ben made his choice and has decided to live with it, replacing the Neil Lane diamond ring on Courtney’s finger on “After the Final Rose.”

But the couple also made it clear that unflattering media coverage is what broke them up briefly back in February. So the morning after, when happy couples generally do a conference call, the two elected not to.

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Instead, Chris Harrison spoke to reporters about the awkward moment when he wasn’t sure if Ben would take the engagement ring he was offering, if he thinks the couple will make it to the altar, why Bachelors pick the bad girls, why Emily Maynard was an interesting choice to be the next “Bachelorette,” and the fact that he is responsible for the rumors about Tim Tebow as the next “Bachelor.”

Here is what Chris has to say:

Are you rooting for them to make it?
Of course, I am rooting them on. Why wouldn’t I? I know she wasn’t the most popular choice. If you put it to a vote, she may not have been it. The great thing about this show is it is Ben’s choice. Why not respect that? Of course, I wish them the best. The million-dollar question is: Will they make it? Who knows?

How awkward was it to pull out the engagement ring?
In 10 years of doing that show that has never happened before. Either the couple has broken up or they are together. You know one way or the other. For the first time, I did not know how the show was going to go. It was very awkward holding that ring. Even in handing it to him, I didn’t know what was going to happen. I think it was a pivotal moment. Showing them the proposal again, getting them back in that space and getting them to remember what it was all about and how happy they were, then putting the ring back on her finger, turned out to be a beautiful moment but it could have gone the opposite direction.

Watch “After the Final Rose”:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/The-Bachelor/5385/2209436194/After-the-Final-Rose/embed 580 476]

Why do the Bachelors so often choose the bad girls?
Maybe because guys are dumb? I think we have been found out we are not very smart animals. You go back to Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi… More than that, when you look back at the interview, the profound moment is when they both talked about how quirky they are. In a weird way, they both very much fit. She never took what he called the “Ben pill.” She always challenged him. He liked that about her. It was something that didn’t quite come across on television.

Do you think it will last?
Who knows? Maybe it is crazy enough to work between them. The easy thing to say is no. It is very simple to say of any couple anywhere in the world, “Ah, they will never last.” The more bold and daring thing is maybe they will work. It is really up to them now. It all depends on the effort they give. How hard are they going to try? Will they be in the same city? If they are apart a lot, they will drift apart.

Why didn’t you question Ben more about the kissing photos?
Sadly enough, maybe I should have. I don’t really look at those magazines, especially tabloid stuff. I read like Men’s Health and Golf Digest as far as magazines go, so I never saw the pictures. I have seen them since. Someone gave them to me. It looked very compelling. It put him in a bad light. I see why everybody was so upset. I don’t know if the explanation is true or false. I will take Ben at his word. I also know that one picture at a moment in time … it could have happened to me a million times over the last 10 years while I was hosting this show.

Watch Ben’s Proposal:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/The-Bachelor/5385/2209436259/Week-10/embed?skipTo=4590 580 476]

Why didn’t you warn Ben about Courtney?
There was nothing to warn him about. He knew. He was making that choice, maybe not to ignore those things, but to look past those things and propose. He struggled with it all the way to Interlaken when Kacie Boguskie came back. That really threw him for a tailspin. He may not have heard 100 percent of everything, but he was a big boy and made his own decision.

Why did you go back to last year and pick Emily Maynard to be the new “Bachelorette?”
Emily Maynard is lightening in a bottle. She is such an amazing woman and has so much to offer in the way of great storytelling. I think people see this beautiful blonde and she was on Brad Womack’s season, but what I see is this single mom and we have never done that before. It is the double standard. When we had Jason Mesnick, it was, “Look at the sweet, single dad. How cute.” Emily is not getting the same reaction. Why doesn’t she deserve the oohs and ahs? Instead, she is getting, “Why is she coming back? What is she doing with her kid? Nice parenting!” The double standard against the single mom is compelling to me. As we head into dates, these guys are going to have to realize this isn’t a frat house. This is a family. We are going to incorporate that into the show. It is not always sexy. It is not always fun. It will be interesting to see if some of these guys say, “This is not what I signed up for. I am out of here.” I will be surprised to see if we don’t have some fallout.

Did Tim Tebow turn down a chance to be the next “Bachelor?”
Tim Tebow did not turn down that offer because there was no offer. I take full responsibility for that rumor that I accidentally started…. I am the one that started the story and it was a total joke. Tim was never approached. Not that he wouldn’t be a great bachelor, but that was just me joking with Tim.

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