Watch: Ashley Judd Isn’t Messing Around in ‘Missing’

Ashley Judd in 'Missing' (Photo: ABC)

If you watch TV with any regularity, chances are you haven’t been missing the assault of promos from ABC for its new butt-kicking drama
Missing,” which premieres tomorrow night.

“Missing” finds Ashley Judd as a mama on a mission across Europe to find her son, who’s disappeared while studying abroad.

In her first starring television role, Judd plays Becca Winstone, a mother obsessed with finding her boy. The catch is she’s no ordinary desperate housewife; she’s a former CIA agent, who must unlock some buried secrets and seek out some old friends to help her along the way. “Missing” plays more like a mini-movie than a TV show, and it looks just as slick, having been filmed entirely in Europe.

It’s an action-packed role that the actress found to be “kind of daunting.” “It’s no small thing to be a trained operative for the CIA,” Judd told reporters back in January. “I didn’t take it lightly.”

The first thing she had to do was get off the couch. Judd admits she had been “very sedentary” until she began filming the intense drama, for which she does a lot of her own stunts. Good thing she’s not afraid to pull any punches. “I love to fight,” Judd admits, “I find it easy and rewarding.”

As for the supporting cast, Sean Bean, seen last year as the ill-fated hero on HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” is back on TV here as Judd’s husband, Paul, a “very integral part” of the story who’s seen in flashbacks, while Nick Eversman plays the spy couple’s missing son, Michael.

“Missing” debuts Thursday night at 8/7c on ABC.

Watch a Wild Chase Scene from the Premiere

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First Look: Extended Sneak Peek at the Series Premiere of “Missing”

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