Will Ferrell Tuesday: Robes, Helmets and an Interview With Jimmy Kimmel … in Spanish

by | March 14, 2012 at 10:08 AM | Jimmy Kimmel Live!, The Daily Show, The Today Show

Will Ferrell breaks up Jon Stewart by appearing on "The Daily Show" in a batting helmet (Comedy Central)

Will Ferrell breaks up Jon Stewart by appearing on "The Daily Show" in a batting helmet (Comedy Central)

Yesterday, Will Ferrell hit the interview circuit hard to promote his new all-Spanish movie “Casa de mi Padre,” and in each stop he did something showy in his usual oddball way. We’ve already told you what he did during the fourth hour of “Today” yesterday, where he and co-star Nick Offerman appeared in bathrobes. But that was just the beginning.

Later on in the evening, Ferrell promoted the movie on “The Daily Show,” coming out in a dorky looking batting helmet, which he wore for the entire interview. Why was he wearing a helmet? Because he’s a comedian, that’s why.

Ok, maybe more explanation is needed here: In the first segment, Jon Stewart joked about how Gretchen Carlson of Fox News talked about how folks like Stewart and Bill Maher can say vile things about Republicans because they’re protected by “the helmet of comedy.” Stewart wondered why a comedian would need a helmet, because it’s not exactly an occupation rife with head injury risks. But Ferrell took things a step further, managed to find a batting helmet in the “TDS” offices (he had three to choose from) and walked out on stage:

But Ferrell wasn’t done. He somehow made it out to the west coast in time to tape “Jimmy Kimmel Live” (it could have been taped last week, but it looked current). He came out on a fake horse being pulled by two “cowboys” in Speedos. Then he and Jimmy Kimmel conducted the entire interview in Spanish.

“Spanish” is a loose term here because, if the subtitles were any indication, they weren’t exactly getting it perfect. It was so bad that Kimmel’s security guard Guillermo couldn’t understand a word they were saying, and Ferrell’s co-star Diego Luna cursed the two of them out from the audience.

It’s admirable that Ferrell always comes to interviews ready to look stupid and play it up for laughs; it’s the same thing he does in his movies. We wish more talk show guests put in the effort Will does instead of telling the same ol’ boring stories. But then again, we wonder where Ferrell gets the energy to be “on” like that from morning to night, on two different coasts. A day like that would wipe us out for a week.

Watch Will Ferrell and Nick Offerman in robes on “Today”:

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