‘Frozen Planet’ Director Says Temps Were So Low, His Eyelids Froze Shut

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Today/96422/2210351380/%E2%80%98Frozen-Planet%E2%80%99-Crew%3A-So-Cold-Their-Tears-Froze/embed 580 476]

Hearing about the blistering sub-zero temps and frigid frosts that the “Frozen Planet” crew endured while filming the upcoming Discovery series makes you wonder whether the show should be renamed “Survivor: Antarctica.” Case in point: Appearing on “Today” Thursday morning, intrepid “Frozen Planet” director Chadden Hunter told a terrifying story about how one day, while tracking a pack of wolves out hunting bison, his eyelids literally froze shut. Seemingly unfazed by the extreme ordeal, Hunter said he simply “punched” his face to shake off the icicles that had formed around his eyes. Uh, yeah. Later in the interview, he showed amazing footage of a face to face encounter with several killer whales. Unlike most of the free world who would be frozen with fear in a similar scenario, Hunter moved in closer. So close, that he could smell their breath. So what kind of odor does the mouth of an orca emit? According to Hunter, “Sweet puppy breath.”

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