‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Penalized for Mispronouncing ‘Wimbledon’

'Jeopardy!' contestant Reid Rodgers (Photo: YouTube)

How about articulation for $400?

People are crying foul over a contestant who appeared on Monday’s episode of “Jeopardy!,” who was penalized for mispronouncing a correct answer.

Reid Rodgers, a railroad mechanic from Nebraska, correctly answered the word “Wimbledon” in response to a question about the first women’s champion at an 1884 tennis tournament. However, in his Midwestern accent he pronounced it as “Wimble-TON” instead of “Wimble-DIN.”

At first, Trebek didn’t have a problem with it, awarded Rodgers the $400 the answer was worth and moved on to the next question, which was a Daily Double.

Then the game show overlords intervened with a surprising ruling moments later.

“I’m informed that you very clearly said Wimble-TON not Wimble-DIN a few moments ago,” Trebek told Rodgers.

Rodgers was then stripped of the money for the “incorrect” answer, and his total went from $1000 to $200.

Really, Jeopardy!?

Despite the harsh decision, Rodgers took the embarrassing gaffe like a champ and went on to answer the Daily Double correctly — pronouncing his answer perfectly. He ended up coming in second place at the end of the game.

Watch the “Jeopardy!” gaffe below and see if you agree with the producers’ decision:

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