‘Celebrity Apprentice’: Donald Trump Denies Big Sponsor Pulled Out Over Sons’ Hunting Pictures

Donald Trump Jr. (Getty Images)

Donald Trump Jr. (Getty Images)

UPDATE: Donald Trump called into TMZ to tell them that Good Sam, an RV club which is also owned by the same company as Camping World is “thrilled” to be part of “Celeb Apprentice,” and is “looking forward to” the April episode where their company is featured.  Lemonis is the CEO of both companies. It feels like more Trump spin to us… recall that Lemonis said that he won’t spend any additional money on the show; he never said he was pulling out his current ads.

No matter what Donald Trump‘s sons, Eric and Donald Jr. say about their hunting trip to Zimbabwe last year, they had to know that once the pictures got out, there would be repercussions for their father and his show “The Celebrity Apprentice.” According to TMZ, a big sponsor of the show, Camping World, has decided to end its association, with CEO Marcus Lemonis vowing that “I wouldn’t spend another nickel with them.”

Don Jr. defended his right to hunt the animals shown in the photos, which included buffalo, crocodiles, elephants and kudu, because a) they weren’t endangered and b)they fed the members of the nearby village. That’s all well and good. But the picture of Don Jr. holding up an elephant’s tail he supposedly cut off as a trophy had to rile anyone who doesn’t share the Trump kids’ yen to shoot exotic animals.

And Camping World is not an insignificant sponsor, as they sponsored a task during last season’s show. Fortunately for Trump, NBC and producer Mark Burnett, though, the company’s ad buy for this season has already been completed, so all the network and producers have plenty of time to find a sponsor to fill Camping World’s void. But the negative publicity around this can’t really help the show all that much. Then again, except for Ivanka, almost everything about the Trump family is about bad publicity, so maybe they’ll just shake this off.

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