The Friday Buzz: Jeff and Britta Almost Get Married on ‘Community’ and More

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We were happy to see “Community” come back last night, and it was refreshing that the show came back with an episode that wasn’t all meta, and didn’t wink at its viewers and go, “did ya miss us?” (It was probably shot before they knew about their hiatus, which would explain the restraint). Instead, we got a very character-driven episode that showed a lot about what we like about the show: flawed characters who ultimately have enough kindness in them to at least care about each other.

And when Jeff (Joel McHale) couldn’t do anything but get drunk when tasked to write a toast for the remarrying Shirley (Yvette Nicole Brown) and Andre (Malcolm-Jamal Warner), we find out why he’s so against marriage — yes, it has to do with his father abandoning him. Then we find out why Britta (Gillian Jacobs) is anti-marriage, other than the fact that she’s “pro-anti;” there’s a part of her that thinks being married is inevitable.

So take two drunk, bitter people and a delayed wedding rehearsal (Shirley and Andre left the room to fight), and what do you get? One of the funniest almost-weddings ever seen on TV. We especially liked Britta’s NSFW response to Jeff’s “vow” to have kids: “Pick a number, d–k; it’s not like I have a say!”

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