‘Vampire Diaries’ Producer on Alaric’s Shocking Twist

Matt Davis as Alaric Saltzman on The Vampire Diaires (Quantrell D. Colbert/The CW)

No! Not Alaric (Matt Davis). Viewers learned in Thursday’s episode, “1912”, that Mystic Falls’ heroic vampire hunter/history teacher is also the serial killer who has been killing council members, including Caroline’s father. But it’s not his fault. The ring that protects him from supernatural deaths has the nasty side effect of turning him into a killer. In fact, he does not even remember committing the grizzly crimes. Why did the show take Ric down this dark path? Can he be saved? What does this mean for Elena and Jeremy? Executive Producer Julie Plec and the cast discussed the rationale for the shocking plot twist after the episode’s PaleyFest screening this week.

“Alaric is a character that’s very near and dear to all of us and Matt Davis is an actor who is very near and dear to us,” said Plec. “As you’ve seen on the show, getting to explore the dark side, it’s exciting for a character and exciting for an actor. We wanted to showcase that. There’s something really beautiful about this ring being responsible for a darker element to take hold. We don’t know what it is yet… He tried to walk out of the house in the first episode this season. In the second episode, he tried to refuse that ring and Elena (Nina Dobrev) asked him to take it back to be part of her family and now there’s a consequence to that.”

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Davis admitted that he was as surprised as the audience when he found out that his character was the Mystic Falls version of Dexter. “I think it’s a beautiful experience to watch unfold but I can’t be objective at all. I love to see what happens in the evolution of the character. [People] get killed, and we’re at the tipping point of the consequences of all of that… The next few episodes are shocking.”

This revelation also has consequences for the other ring wearer, Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen), who has presumably been living a normal, happy life out of state, and Elena (Nina Dobrev), who convinced him to leave. “Elena, made a big stand, sending her brother away to a safer life than Mystic Falls,” said Plec. “And for her to realize that not only can the ring not really be trusted to bring someone back to life, but that it might actually contribute in allowing darker elements to take hold, and that Jeremy is now wildly unprotected, is devastating,” says Plec.

“[Elena’s] having to put the pieces together,” Dobrev revealed. “Everything she depended on is now gone and she has to find a different way.”

Plec was coy about Davis’s future on the show. (He was just cast in a new CW pilot, “Cult.”) “There’s a big journey for Alaric, a big journey for Elena, and Stefan [Paul Wesley], and everyone is going to kind of be at the center of this storyline as it takes us deeper in the season.”

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