Watch: Nervous Amanda Peet Gets Handsome Surprise on ‘Ellen’

by | March 16, 2012 at 3:48 PM | Bent, Ellen, General

Amanda Peet was a ball of nervous energy on Friday’s episode of “Ellen.” Until, that is, Ellen DeGeneres provided the antidote in the form of surprise visit from Peet’s  ever-so-charming and handsome “Bent” co-star, David Walton. The mere presence of Walton, with his hilariously unconvincing Irish accent, immediately transformed Peet into a ball of funny, flirty energy. Check out their chemistry together in the video above. It’s pretty undeniable, right?

How that chemistry translates in “Bent”:

Other Peet revelations:

1) She and her family summer in Belfast (where her husband, David Benioff, shoots “Game of Thrones“).
2) She does a mean impression of Minnie Driver circa “Circle of Friends.”
3) Conversely, she does a terrible impression of her daughter circa now.