Watch: Leno Loses St. Patrick’s Day ‘Mustache’ Bet with Fallon

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Will he or won’t he? We’re betting he will. How couldn’t he? Jay Leno lost a bet with Jimmy Fallon on national TV, so there’s no avoiding the consequences: Jay will have to don a mustache to deliver his “Tonight Show” monologue on Monday.

That was the bet, and Jay lost Friday night when Fallon trekked to the West Coast to appear on “Tonight” while his own NBC late-night show, the New York-based “Late Night” aired a rerun.

Fallon proposed the wager as he and Jay prepared to play a round of St. Patrick’s Day-themed bowling. In lanes set up on the “Tonight Show” stage, leprechaun garden gnomes were set up like bowling pins and cabbages were substituted for actual bowling balls.

Well, Leno lost this cabbage/leprechaun bowling bout and as a result, he’s obligated to wear a mustache on Monday’s “Tonight Show.” The style of mustache was not specified, nor would Leno have to keep it on for the remainder of Monday’s show.

One detail was established, however: The loser of the bet would have to wear the mustache without mentioning it or referring to it in any way during the monologue.

We’ll be watching.

Meanwhile, you can watch the entire Friday “Tonight Show” right here:
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