‘The Good Wife’: Will Alicia Leave Lockhart-Gardner for Michael J. Fox?

Louis Canning (Michael J. Fox) has been pursuing Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies) for a long time. This week, on “The Good Wife,” she was willing to entertain his overtures. Alicia’s determination to buy her old house in the suburbs gave her the courage to ask for a raise. She got one, but it was significantly less than the ten percent salary bump that she wanted. So, when she found herself opposing Louis in court once again, this time in a lawsuit involving hockey players with cognitive injuries, she did not say no to his latest job offer. Working for a slimeball with family values no longer seemed like a ridiculous idea.  Instead, she let him put his latest offer in writing. It was very generous. In the clip above, he poses a provocative question: why does Alicia feel so much loyalty to Lockhart-Gardner? Why do people pretend that jobs are more than a way to earn money? Watch the clip and see if you agree with Louis.

Once Alicia got the very generous offer, she did what any lawyer with leverage would do: she told Diane (Christine Baranski), and threatened to walk if she Lockhart-Gardner did not beat it. Sure enough, Diane played the loyalty card, acting as though Alicia owes her because she gave her a job she was eminently qualified for. When Alicia did not back down, Diane told her that she had changed. Maybe. Then again, a woman who was savvy enough to use an old law school connection and her husband’s sex scandal to get herself hired in the first place, was never a doormat.

Alicia’s ploy worked. Thanks to Will’s (Josh Charles) suspension and Caitlin quiting to be barefoot and pregnant, Lockhart-Gardner needed her. Her raise was dubbed a bonus. Apparently the unseen other third year associates are slackers who never win cases. When Alicia broke the news to Louis, he masked his disappointment by claiming that he was playing Alicia to get information he could use in a future case. But the question remains: now that she and Will are over, why does she want to stay at Lockhart-Gardner instead of working for someone who seems like he might appreciate her more? Maybe it’s because she just can’t quit Kalinda (Archie Panjabi). Alicia told her ex-bestie that she was determined to find a way to get past the whole sleeping with her estranged husband years ago thing and repair their friendship. Kalicia forever!


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