The Monday Buzz: Aubrey O’Day Thinks Tia Carrere is in Her Fifties and More

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In a tumultuous “Celebrity Apprentice” boardroom last night, the women’s team started pushing each other in front of the proverbial bus after losing the task of selling O-Cedar mops to Lou Ferrigno and the men’s team. Everyone on the team except for Debbie Gibson left the boardroom with some sort of mark on them. Dayana Mendoza took the biggest hits, mainly being accused of having bad ideas, but Lisa Lampanelli, whose idea for the presentation was the one that Tia chose, also took some flak.

But then Aubrey O’Day spoke up, and her mile-a-second mouth ended up spewing bile all over most of her teammates. Under the guise of trying to be above the fray, she decried the team’s cattiness and how three people — Gibson, Lampanelli and herself — do all the most important work, and the rest of them are just “beige paint.” Then she committed the sin of saying that project manager Tia Carrere probably didn’t like her because she’s “in her fifties” and is embarrassed that she’s being outflanked by a 27-year-old (For the record, Tia is 45, according to IMDb).

It was at that point that Tia just decided to take one for the team after getting assurances from Donald Trump that he wouldn’t fire anyone else. In her taped-much-later limo ride out of Trump Tower, it was pretty clear that she was tired of the cruelty and wasn’t interested in seeing what happens when that clique starts turning on each other.

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