‘Today’: Kirk Cameron Insists His Anti-Gay Remarks Weren’t Hate Speech

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Kirk Cameron really knows how to keep himself in the news, doesn’t he? The former “Growing Pains” teen idol made headlines when he told Piers Morgan that homosexuality was “unnatural” and “destructive” in an interview a few weeks back, and the firestorm that followed has given him an opportunity to promote his documentary “Monumental” on big shows like “Today.”

On this morning’s chatfest, Ann Curry asked him about those remarks, and Cameron, to his credit, stood by them. He emphasized to Curry that “I love all people,” and what he said on Morgan’s show was not hate speech. “When you take a subject and you reduce it to something like a four second soundbite and a check mark on a ballot, I think that’s inappropriate and insensitive.” He said the same thing to Hoda Kotb during the show’s fourth hour, which tells us that either he came up with that canned response himself or he got some “media training” (i.e. a good talking to).

UPDATE: Morgan tweeted his disapproval of Cameron’s remarks, challenging him to come back on his show to debate the issue.

“Kirk Cameron is moaning everywhere today that I stitched him up by releasing a 4-second ‘soundbite’ re his comments on gay marriage,” he tweeted. “These are the 4 seconds: homosexuality is ‘unnatural..detrimental, and ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization’.”

He continued: “Mr Cameron ‘stands by the comments’, despite his whining. So I’ll let others decide if he was stitched up…or just a bigot. I respect his religious beliefs – just don’t respect his use of bigoted, inflammatory language re homosexuality. End.”

Never let it be said that ol’ Piers doesn’t like a good fight, especially when he can take his shots from the comfort of his Twitter account. But it would be fun to see an hour devoted to the issue and see Piers and Kirk try to out-chat one another.

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