Watch Perhaps the Worst ‘The Voice’ Performance Ever

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We know that Cee Lo Green tends towards the odd and showy in his performances and how he coaches on “The Voice,” but the pairing he made during last night’s battle rounds truly was a strange one. And it generated one of the most ear-shatteringly awful performances we’ve ever seen on the show.

Cee Lo paired up the pretty-but-weird Erin Martin with the enthusiastic-but-loud rockers the Shields Brothers to sing Tina Turner’s “What’s Love Got to Do With It,” and calling the result a train wreck doesn’t even begin to describe it. It’s not that the individual performances were terrible, but hearing Martin’s creepy, Björkian vocals next to the Shields’ jamming-in-the-garage rock stylings was just jarring. Luckly, Cee Lo didn’t even try to have the three sing together at any point before the very end, but hearing the song veer from jazzy quirkiness to garage band hardness and back again was enough of an assault on our ears to make us hope we never get to hear that again.

“That was so weird!” was what Adam Levine said after it was over, and we tend to agree. And, yes, Christina Aguilera was also right when she said “That’s entertainment!” because it was entertaining, but for all the wrong reasons.

Martin won the battle — though we wonder if Cee Lo picked her because of reasons other than singing talent. We’ll say this about Erin: she’s an odd one, which is right in Cee Lo’s wheelhouse. The further she goes, the more interesting it’s going to get, just because you just never know what’s going to come out of her mouth, as the Shieldses found out after the battle:

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