‘Killing’ Star Mireille Enos: Rosie Larsen’s Murderer Is a Character We Already Know

Mireille Enos as Sarah Linden on The Killing (Photo: Carole Segal/AMC)

Few series have unleashed the fury of viewers like last season’s finale of “The Killing.” Series star Mireille Enos, who plays detective Sarah Linden on the AMC drama, acknowledges the backlash, but insists those demanding to know who killed Rosie Larsen should chill and tune into the Season 2 premiere.

“It is my understanding that viewers will already be familiar with the character who killed Rosie,” Enos said in an interview from her Los Angeles home.

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Of course, don’t expect the killer’s identity to be revealed right away. Enos confirmed series creator Veena Sud’s earlier comments that the murder will not be resolved until the Season 2 finale. By the end of episode 13, it will be “one hundred percent” clear who the culprit is, Enos reassured.

For now, Enos – like viewers – is still in the dark. “I don’t actually know who it is,” she confessed. With only three more episodes left to film in Season 2, Enos has yet to get a concrete answer. “I know that it’s definitely narrowing, but it could be a good handful of people,” she said. “There are lots of theories around the set right now and people are in corners talking about it — but I’m trying to keep my mind open.”

As for that controversial season finale, which ended with Belko Royce (Brendan Sexton III) pulling a gun on councilman Darren Richmond (Billy Campbell), Enos was just as shocked as viewers were. Turns out, there was an additional scene intended for the finale that never made it to air. Instead, that scene will open the two-hour Season 2 premiere on April 1 (8/7c). “That ending was completely surprising to me,” Enos said. “It totally took my breath away.” Enos called the choice to cap off the season with a gunshot “brave,” and defended it as “really classic, great, cliffhanger writing.

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“I feel like the trend is more and more common that shows don’t wrap everything up neatly at the end of the season,” she continued. “The story flows from one season to another.”

Also a shock was the sheer volume of angry responses. “I was really surprised that people were so unhappy,” she said. “If you’re loving the show and loving the characters, why wouldn’t you want there to be more story with those people? Because once the Rosie case is solved, all these characters [except for Linden and Holder, played by Joel Kinnaman] are going to go away.”

Going into Season 2, Enos said she and the rest of the cast and crew treated the fracas as a “non issue.” The basic mantra on set was, “We’re not concerned. We’re going to continue to do great work.” And she thinks it will pay off — thanks to stellar writing, and some crazy twists and turns along the way. Come premiere night, “All the people who were really disappointed, as soon as they watch that first episode, I think they are gonna be really glad they got to have one more season with this story.”

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Tune in to the two-hour Season 2 premiere of “The Killing” on Sunday, April 1 at 8/7c on AMC.

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