What To Watch: This Week’s DVR Picks

'Game of Thrones' (HBO)

Monday March 26:

Alcatraz‘ (8pm ET on Fox) **Season Finale** Record Now

Doc and Rebecca close in on a man who may be the key to revealing the secrets behind all the returning criminals. Meanwhile, Hauser makes a discovery beneath the halls of Alcatraz that brings him ever closer to the truth. Then, revealing doors are opened and lives hang in the balance as Rebecca will stop at nothing in pursuit of the man who killed her partner in the all-new special two-hour season finale.

Secret Life of the American Teenager‘ (8pm on ABC Family) **Season Premiere** Record Now

It’s summer vacation and Amy and Ricky are basking in the glow of their engagement while some new girls befriend Ben, on the spring premiere.

Make It Or Break It‘ (9pm on ABC Family) **Season Premiere** Record Now

Payson, Kaylie and Lauren are one step closer to making their dream of Olympic Gold a reality, but first they must endure eight weeks at the USA Training Center to make the final cut. With a new coach, new rivals, and new distractions, the girls must really up their game.

Brooklyn 11223‘ (11pm on Oxygen) **Series Premiere** Record Now

Oxygen takes viewers to the small, close-knit community of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn and surrounding neighborhoods including Coney Island, Brighton Beach and Bensonhurst in Oxygen’s newest docu-series. The series provides a voyeuristic look into the lives of a group of twentysomething friends whose once rock-solid friendships have been torn apart by betrayal.

Tuesday March 27:

16 & Pregnant‘ (10pm on MTV) **Season Premiere** Record Now

’16 & Pregnant’ returns with 12 episodes featuring new girls, new stories, and new struggles. The series continues to give viewers an authentic, honest, and intimate look inside the lives of teens as they face unexpected pregnancies and become parents at a young age.

Wednesday March 28:

Whitney‘ (8pm ET on NBC) **Season Finale** Record Now

Alex (Chris D’Elia) and Whitney (Whitney Cummings) head to City Hall to make it official, but finding out that Whitney’s driver’s license is expired sparks a chain of unusual events that interfere with their plans to wed.

Are You There, Chelsea?**Season Finale** Record Now

Chelsea plans a surprise birthday party for Sloane but the girls end up getting sloppy at home instead. The big surprise comes when Sloane’s husband Chris phones Chelsea from the airport to say his Army tour in Afghanistan is done and he is on his way home to surprise Sloane – Chelsea has four hours to clean Sloane up or have Chris find her in a very unflattering state.

Whitechapel‘ (10pm on BBC America) **Season Premiere** Record Now

The new season findsDetective Inspector Joseph Chandler (Rupert Penry-Jones), Detective Sergeant Miles (Phil Davis) and Edward Buchan (Steve Pemberton) spreading their investigations beyond the boundaries of East London’s Whitechapel, as they peel back layers of the East End’s most gruesome history.

Thursday March 29:

Rules of Engagement‘ (8:30pm ET on CBS) **Spring Premiere** Record Now

In order to convince Audrey he is making an effort in their relationship, Jeff sends her on a romantic scavenger hunt, with mixed results. Meanwhile, Adam leads Russell to believe that Jen has a sex tape.

Punk’d‘ (10pm on MTV) **Season Premiere** Record Now

MTV’s pop culture phenomenon series returns for an all-new season featuring the hottest celebrities in Hollywood, and the most hilarious and crazy moments in ‘Punk’d’ history. This season Ashton Kutcher hands over the hosting reins to a new celebrity each week.

The Pauly D Project‘ (10:30pm on MTV) **Series Premiere** Record Now

If you’re going through ‘Jersey Shore’ withdrawal, never fear! This new series follows Pauly D and his posse as he pursues his dreams of being a DJ.

Friday March 30:

Kitchen Nightmares‘ (8pm ET on Fox) **Season Finale** Record Now

Chef Ramsay visits the windy city to check in on Mexican restaurant Zocalo. Although the Chicago restaurant offers a vibrant atmosphere, Chef Ramsay is shocked by the disorganized staff and lack of service. Find out if he is able to revive the restaurant in the all-new season finale.

CSI: NY‘ (9pm ET on CBS) **Spring Premiere** Record Now

When a lab tech is murdered in a case that has eerie similarities to a 1950’s cold case, the CSIs get a glimpse into what goes on in the shadows of the lab.

Spartacus: Vengeance‘ (10pm on Starz) **Season Finale** Record Now

Supply shortages and a superior Roman force threaten to halt the rebellion as Spartacus tries to rally his troops in the face of a final onslaught from Glaber’s army in the season two finale.

Magic City‘ (11pm on Starz) **Series Premiere** Record Now

Set in 1959 in Miami, the drama stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Ike Evans, a hotelier who gets into bed with mob boss Ben “The Butcher” Diamond (Danny Huston) to finance his dream of establishing the Miramar Playa Hotel.

Sunday April 1:

The Killing‘ (8pm on AMC) **Season Premiere** Record Now

The action picks up where we left off in Season 1, with Linden trying to decide who she can trust as she tracks Rosie Larsen’s killer.

Game of Thrones‘ (9pm on HBO) **Season Premiere** Record Now

War is coming to Westeros. As the cold winds rise and five kings vie for power, bonds are forged and broken, identities are challenged and romance blossoms. With the stakes higher than ever before, who will survive the chaos to claim the Iron Throne? In King’s Landing, the coveted Iron Throne is occupied by cruel young Joffrey, counseled by his conniving mother Cersei and his uncle Tyrion, who has been appointed Hand of the King.

Shameless‘ (9pm on Showtime) **Season Finale** Record Now

Jimmy gets back into Fiona’s good graces and decides to have her meet his family; Frank plots to free Monica from the psychiatric institution; and Jody and Sheila try to hide Karen’s newborn in the Season 2 finale.

House of Lies‘ (10pm on Showtime) **Season Finale** Record Now

Marty gets help from a surprise source as he deals with MetroCapital’s takeover attempt in the first season finale. Meanwhile, Jeannie comes to a decision about her future with Wes.

Californication‘ (10:30pm on Showtime) **Season Finale** Record Now

In the Season 5 finale, Hank walks into a bar filled with shadowy figures and a bartender who is a long-departed friend. He begins to suspect this isn’t California anymore, but one helluva place to kill some time.

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