‘Idol’ Castoff Van Pelt Disses Lopez’s Criticisms

Erika Van Pelt on "American Idol" (FOX)

Ousted “American Idol” contestant Erika Van Pelt had some bitter words for the judges, and Jennifer Lopez in particular, after she was eliminated from the singing competition.

The Rhode Island DJ was quoted in The Hollywood Reporter, saying that the advice she received from Lopez and crew was actually more confusing than helpful.

“First, I wasn’t doing enough, then I was doing too much. Then, not enough, then I was over-singing. I felt I could just never just sing and be myself,” she said.

Lopez made comments that that she should have moved around more while singing “New York State of Mind,” and upset the would-be contestant. Van Pelt dubbed her critiques as a “hard pill to swallow” and that Lopez made “a lot of comments that contradicted week to week.”

“For me, I certainly didn’t agree with the critique, mostly because I was singing ‘New York State of Mind.’ Anyone who’s seen Billy Joel sing this song has seen Billy Joel sit behind a piano the entire time and still sell it, and I thought I sang it to the best of my ability,” she said to Idol Worship. “I was really, really connected to the lyrics. New York holds a special place in my mind. My cousin is a New York firefighter, and with the ties to 9/11 … I was disappointed when she said that. I felt like she wanted almost a fake performance, so people thought I was singing harder than I actually was, which really didn’t seem correct to me.”

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