The Friday Buzz: Jimmy Kimmel Gives Us ‘The Hungry Hungry Hunger Games’ and More

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The much-anticipated movie adaptation of “The Hunger Games” opened last night, and Jimmy Kimmel gave his audience a good explanation of what the movie is about, which is saying something given the fact that Jimmy has one of the youngest audiences in late night. We’re with him, though: Why are movies about the future so damned bleak and depressing? Is our fate really televised games where underprivileged teens kill each other to help feed communities?

Anyway, Kimmel showed a trailer that showed what the book was really based on… and it’ll be nostalgic for anyone who played Hungry Hungry Hippos as a kid. The sight of gigantic, brightly-colored hippo heads running through the woods is an especially frightening thought, though, especially when you see what happens after two of the heads mate.

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