‘Vampire Diaries’: Bloodshed in the Bathroom as Ric Turns on Meredith

Nina Dobrev as Elena and Torrey DeVitto as Dr. Fell on The Vampire Diaries (Photo: Quantrell D.Colbert/The CW)

Last week  on “The Vampire Diaries” we learned that Ric (Matt Davis) is the serial killer who has been offing Council members. This week is all about finding out why. Meredith (Torrey DeVtito) gives Ric an MRI looking for a medical cause for his killing spree. No, it’s not a tumor. Ric panics in the tube then goes into eerily calm mode. Elena (Nina Dobrev) takes the magic approach, hoping Bonnie can fix the ring, like it’s a piece of defective electronic equipment. Bonnie agrees to cast a spell that should get rid of his killer instinct, but she is still furious of Elena for her role in the events that led to her mother, Abbie, becoming a vampire. Elena goes searching for Ric’s wedding ring, the old personal item that Bonnie needs to cast the spell.  Stefan (Paul Wesley) tells Elena that Samantha Gilbert, the first ring killer,  was committed to an asylum and killed herself by attempting to lobotomize herself with a knitting needle -and she was not wearing the ring the ring when she did it. This is all a device for Elena and Stefan to go to Ric’s house and find a hit list of council members that the alter ego I’ll call PsychoRic left for Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen), the other ring owner, to take over in his stead. Creepy!

Even creepier, Ric attacks Meredith, after asking her if she feels remorse for being part of a Council that is totally ineffective and in the vampires’ pocket. Well, when you put it like that, Ric… It’s a truly terrifying moment, as Ric’s unhinged serial killer alter ego goes after his girlfriend every bit as brutally as any supernatural creature on the show. You have to wonder whether Ric is responsible for his actions — and whether it’s okay that Stefan killed a bunch of people when he was forced to work with Klaus, and why Elena is not having more of an existential crisis about spending so much time with so many killers.

Enough philosophizing. You want to see the Savatore boys being sexy and clever, right?

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The event of the week is a restoration of a bridge; not the one where Elena’s parents died. The town is called Mystic Falls, after all. There’s a lot of water.  Sage (Cassidy Freeman), the tough vampire who taught Damon (Ian Somerhalder) to be awesome back in “1912” pops up at the groundbreaking. She and Rebekah (Claire Holt) bitch at each other because Sage has been pining after Finn for the past few centuries. Sage plots with Damon to read Rebekah’s mind. The plan: invite her for drinks that sure seem like they are going to end with a vampire threesome. At home, Damon shows off his ass-shaking skills, and he dances with both Rebekah and Sage before taking Rebekah to bed. While she sleeps, Sage reads her mind, then shares what she learned with Damon while they take a shower together. Damon: master of The Game. Executive producers Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson: masters of finding reasons for Damon to be naked.

Sage reports that Rebekah knows there is another white oak tree in Mystic Falls. Damon looks through the Salvatore library for records of the tree, which would have been on Salvatore property. He reads about the bridge that is being remodeled. Yep. The wood from the old bridge is made of white oak. Sage is worried for Finn. Damon agrees to spare Finn if they go after Rebekah. Damon gets to the bridge to find that Rebekah has set it on fire. Damon realizes Sage set him up, because she read his mind and knows about the spell that links the Originals together. Damon tells Sage that Finn volunteered to die – and that when he finds a way to kill the originals, he will start with Finn. Then he goes home and shows Stefan the sign from the bridge which he managed to salvage and triumphantly announces it’s time to kill the Originals. Yes!

In other news, after Bonnie (Kat Graham) spends weeks helping her mother, Abby (Persia White), adjust to becoming a vampire, Abby decides to abandon her, again, without even saying goodbye. Worst mother ever. Elena calls Jeremy, concerned he’s been in touch with PsychoRic and is about to commence his own crime spree. Jeremy seems fine and professes not to have spoken to Ric in a while, but he gets off the phone awfully quickly and seems a little evasive. Uh-oh.

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