Watch: Ellen Scares the Heck Out of Julia Roberts … Twice

by | March 23, 2012 at 11:54 AM | Ellen, The Ellen DeGeneres Show

One of the best things about “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” is that Ellen loves to mess with her guests, showing them in a less-than-polished, more-human light. For some reason, she thought that Julia Roberts, who was coming on to promote her upcoming movie “Mirror Mirror,” was someone who was easily startled, so she decided to crouch in the bathroom of the Oscar winner’s dressing room and scare her as she walked in.

Well, she got the response she wanted; not only was Roberts scared, but she admitted on national television that she had to change underwear because “I peed my pants.” But Ellen wasn’t through torturing her A-list guest, as you’ll see in the clip below. Turn your speakers down, because Julia’s scream might scare cubicle neighbors and small children…

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