The Monday Buzz: Aubrey O’Day Defends Herself on ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ and More

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The entire time we were watching “The Celebrity Apprentice” last night, the same thought was running through our heads: “These people are having way too much fun drinking Crystal Light.” The task for the two teams was to create fun launch parties for two of the diet drink’s new “mocktail” flavors, and seeing people having a good time drinking the alcohol-free, artificial-sweetener-flavored drinks showed us that either the two teams were really skilled at creating fun out of nothing, or that people who have that much fun without the use of booze need to be viewed with suspicion.

Seriously, though, the men’s team, led by Clay Aiken, looked like they had the more fun party, and they won the task over the women’s team, led by Aubrey O’Day. Unlike some past team leads, though, O’Day wasn’t about to fall on her own sword, mentioning that she’s been the creative force behind just about every task and she’s too valuable to leave now.

Dayana Mendoza, whom O’Day brought back to the boardroom for no apparent reason, astutely pointed out, though, that the women’s team has lost most of the tasks. Really, the obvious choice to leave was Particia Velasquez, who was responsible for the branding and couldn’t really defend why the company’s name was so diminished in the printed signs. But that didn’t mean that Donald Trump was going to just fire her on the spot when he could manipulate the three into an argument first.

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