‘Castle’: Castle Finally Finds Out Beckett Knows He Loves Her

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Well, that was a kick in the gut. “Castle” showrunner Andrew Marlowe promised that Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Beckett Stana Katic) would learn about the secrets that each was keeping from the other before the season ended. Did it have to be in the worst way possible? This week’s episode, “47 Seconds,” was a shock for Caskett shippers.

The case of the week involved a bombing at an Occupy Wall Street protest, which was caught on tape by a news crew. Beckett and Castle are part of the team that attempts to piece together what happened by conducting “Rashoman” style interviews with witnesses.

Castle is shaken by the deaths of five innocent people who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Martha (Susan Sullivan) encourages Castle to tell Beckett he loves her, arguing that there will never be a perfect time and life is short. He starts to do it, right in the middle of the station, only to be interrupted by Ryan (Seamus Dever).

The case has the typical “Castle” twists and turns, with suspects including a counter protestor, and a Middle Eastern man who is guilty only of delivering food at an inopportune moment. The trail leads to a sketchy guy named Robert Lopez. When Beckett questions him, he claims not to remember the bombing. Castle overhears Beckett say that she was shot and she remembers every second of the experience. Watch the clip and see Castle’s heart break as he realizes that Beckett knows that he is in love with her and has been lying to him for months. He is so crushed that he ends up talking to himself.

Castle laments the situation to Martha at the bomb memorial, assuming that Beckett does not feel the same way about him and said nothing because she was embarrassed. Hey, writer with insight into psychology, maybe you should have a conversation with her about it instead of jumping to conclusions. But of course he does not. Because that might actually lead to happiness instead of angst for the starcrossed duo.

The bombers ultimately turn out to be an organizer of the movement who hoped to generate sympathy for his cause working with the reporter who wanted to get a great story. Both thought that nobody would get hurt, but when Robert Lopez, a pickpocket, moved the backpack containing the bomb closer to where people were standing, a publicity stunt became a tragedy. The reporter denies her involvement, but when confronted with the evidence, she confesses. Castle makes a speech that is obviously directed at Beckett about how sinning by silence is cowardly.

When Beckett asks Castle what he wanted to talk  to hear about earlier, he says it was nothing important and leaves. Will these two crazy kids ever have an honest conversation about their feelings? Will “Castle” fans continue to have their hearts ripped out? Tune in next week, when Castle deals with his pain by dating other women and see if Beckett decides to open up to Castle about her feelings.




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